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    About Us
    Effort, perseverance, skill, technique, rivalry ... are the keys to play any sport whether or not the contact. And the union of those terms was also born EUSKAL FIGHTERS.
    A desire and a need were those who devised what is now EUSKAL FIGHTERS, with great doubts about how to form and shape this illusion, but with great assurance of where we wanted to and we want to go.
    With small steps, but firm. Believing in everything we do every day and trying to create the best combination of products in the market, to develop the martial arts and contact sports.
    Our obsession is not having it all, but have the best. And not only do we know enough to work with the best products, as we believe that we can give added value to them, which is our focus and dedication every day.
    Echoing our humility and our daily learning, we appreciate the welcome they have given us.
    We believe the best way to prove it is working daily, and never forget that the essence of EUSKAL FIGHTERS are the principles of the fight.
    "The victory is not about finishing first, it's about learning from experience and get better for the next bout." Rickson Gracie.

    Company Details
    Trade name: Euskal Fighters
    Address: Landabaso Square 8, 48015 San Ignacio, Bilbao, Vizcaya, Spain.
    Support Phone: (0034) 946 523 170